Burkhard Stubert | Speaker

Burkhard Stubert

Solopreneur & Chief Architect @ Embedded Use

Burkhard has been working with Qt ever since version 1.44 back in 1999. He has developed quite a few embedded systems and desktop applications with Qt and QML. His major products include driver terminals for forage and sugar beet harvesters, infotainment systems for US and European car OEMs, an in-flight entertainment system and a display computer for e-bikes.

He has worked as an evangelist for Nokia’s Qt team and has convinced well- known companies from the automotive, STB/TV and home appliance industry to use Qt. He was the first to give QML trainings back in early 2010, when QML was still far away from an alpha release.

The business connections from his Nokia times made it easy for Burkhard to quit his permanent job six years ago and to start working as an independent software consultant. He offers professional services for developing embedded systems – preferably with a QML GUI and Qt/C++ middleware.

Burkhard worked and lived in India, England and Norway and moved back to his native country, Germany, a couple of years ago. In his spare time, he is hiking, biking and skiing through the Bavarian Alpes.