Alexandra Betouni

Managing/Technical Director @ Extenly Project Ltd

Managing/Technical Director at Extenly, a company that helps clients to design, develop or improve their existing UI Product/Prototype in an agile way starting from the middleware up to the interface, previously: BlackBerry10 OS Cascades app developer, UX Developer at Pelagicore (currently Luxoft), UX Design Technologist at VW, freelance software consultant Qt/QML services.

Alexandra has several years of experience on building award winning Qt/QML medical device prototypes and mobile apps but as well as large scale production automotive projects. During her career path, she has helped major automotive companies to build high quality products and prototypes living and working in countries like Germany, Spain and Ireland.

In her spare time, she’s a bass guitar player, enjoys everything about music, exercising, socializing, building small embedded prototypes, joining conferences, trainings and meet-ups as attendee and as well as presenter.